I’ve never heard of Infinity Blog Awards, Are they legit?

We’re new, that’s why you probably have not heard about us. As a new company we’re working hard to make sure that we are recognized worldwide. As for being legit, most companies that are not legit don’t have contact information such as email or faces on their websites, we do have contact information. This is to show you that we’re legit and we mean business. Also, we are currently in the process of registering the company. As soon as we’re done, we’ll display the information on our website. So please check back later.

Who is the founder of infinity blog awards?

The founder is a woman who believes that bloggers too deserve recognition like actors and musicians. She’s called Tanyi Melvis Bechemnyo. Born and raised in Cameroon. You can read more about her https://www.blogtoolscorner.com/about/ or contact her using the email tanyi@infinityblogawards.co

What if I don't have money to register?

You can still register if you don’t have money. All you need to do is refer two people who register, and you can register for free. Send us a message using the contact form and give us the names of the two people you referred and done!

My website is not good enough, what are my chances of winning?

Let us be the Judge. You might be underating your website plus there are 31 categories you can register for. Register in more than 1 category to increase your chances.

Do you think I can win an award?

You never know until to register. If you’ve worked hard on creating and updating your blog, then you should register right now. There are a lot judging criteria. Voting is the main one. If you have a good website and a following, your chances are higher.

How do I register?

You can register using this form https://www.infinityblogawards.co/register/ but before you do make sure to read the entry guidelines and terms and conditions page carefully

Why do I have to pay an administration fee?

Good question. We need funds to run the day to day activities of the awards and we also have bills and salaries to pay. In as much as we would have loved to do this without the administration fees, we might not survive survive as a company that’s why need your small contribution.

Where does the price money come from?

The prize money comes from our valued partners and sponsors. We know the prize money is small but we’re working hard ro make sure that we increase it each year. Check back later for a list of our partners and sponsors.