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Beaver, Utah

Travel with me to Beaver Utah, a beautiful place in the desert with amazing nature views and wonderful wildlife. Escape from the world for today’s Travel Tuesday.   Beautiful Views We were very fortunate to be able to use a friend of a friend’s cabin for up in the mountains of Beaver, Utah earlier in […]

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Kruger National Park

Explore a South Africa Nature Reserve and National Park. One Facebook fan, Susann from the blog, Goddess, shared this for today’s Travel Tuesday! Susann from Goddess My favourite destination is the Kruger National Park or Kgalagadi Transfontier Park in South Africa. Photo from Susann Why people should visit my country: 1. We have the Big […]

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My First Cruise

Today I want to share about my first cruise for today’s Travel Tuesday! I went on my first cruise in October 2019 with my grandma, parents, husband and children in part of celebrating my 35th birthday and my 15 year wedding anniversary. My husband doesn’t love traveling so that’s one of the main reasons we […]

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Benefits of the Great Outdoors

What outdoor plans do you have? It’s one of the few safe activities most people around the world can do right now. As a result of getting outdoors, there are great benefits to your health. Here are three benefits. 1. One study suggests spending just 20 minutes outside can boost your energy and brain better […]

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