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One Thing that Scares You

Remember Michelle from Our Redonkulous Life? We spotlighted her story with blogging last month. Today we share her goals with blogging and her plans of doing one thing that scares you helps her to reach those goals on this week’s Motivational Monday.

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FireSpeedy Motivation

Remember FireSpeedy? Kapil Goyal, a new blogger, shares some of his blogging goals and his plans to reach his goals with the concept that “Consistency is Key” on this week’s Motivational Monday. We shared his start to blogging last month.

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Perfection and Growth

Perfection and growth do not go hand in hand. In order to grow, life cannot be perfect. Growth requires being uncomfortable. Let’s talk more about this concept in today’s Motivational Monday. Calvin Coolidge says “All growth depends upon activity. There is no development physically or intellectually without effort, and effort means work.” Growth takes effort. Effort […]

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Time Blocking

The first thing that helps me to create my future is time block sections in my schedule to work on different projects and balance work and family. I use a hourly planner so I can be more effective in time blocking. Here’s an example from my planner last year. Success is Scheduled tip is from […]

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Smile Power Day

Smiles are powerful! Holiday Insights shares this about Smile Power Day “…a smile makes the world a happy place. A smile is a powerful thing. Best of all, it’s contagious. However, we do note that in order to be effective, a smile must be sincere. A smile is so powerful, that it can: Add years […]

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Begin Anywhere

What do you hope to begin soon? What step(s) will you take to begin? Sometimes the hardest part in taking action is to begin, but all it takes is just one small step.   Don’t forget when you begin, remember SMART Goals. To make sure your goals are clear and reachable, each one should be: […]

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