Best News Blog Category – 2019 Nominees

Arrey Bate  – CameroonFounder: arreyb.com Wings Over Scotland – ScotlandFounder: wingsoverscotland.com Ashish Prabhu  – UKFounder: prabhuventures.co.uk Craig Murray- UKFounder: craigmurray.org.uk Left Food Forward- UKFounder: leftfootforward.org Niger Center News- UKFounder: naijacenter.com Bella Caledonia – UKFounder: bellacaledonia.org.uk Mother Jones – USFounder: motherjones.com Michelle Malkin – USFounder: michellemalkin.com Political Junki – USFounder: krpoliticaljunkie.com Red State – USFounder: redstate.com Iain Dale  – UKFounder: iaindale.com Town Hall  – USFounder: townhall.com Wonkette – USFounder: wonkette.com […]

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Best Music Blog Category – 2019 Nominees

Sarah Spencer – USFounder: songfancy.com John Pape – USFounder: learnhowtowritesongs.com Sync Music Blog – UKFounder: syncmusicblog.com                  Nora Tol – NetherlandsFounder: noratol.com      Robin Frederick – USFounder: mysongcoach.com Bruce Harding – CanadaFounder: evensong.ca Groove Cartel – ItalyFounders: thegroovecartel.com Give it a Spin – GreeceFounders: giveitaspin.gr  Tee Cash – USFounder: teesmusic.com Roger Burnley  – US Founder: singbetter.net […]

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Nomination

How to get the most out of your nomination

The day that you are nominated for an award of any kind, you can’t help but feel like you have a little more pep in your step. The heavens are shining a little brighter on you. You might even do a little fist-pump and a hop while yelling, “YEAH!” Being nominated for an Infinity Blog […]

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Best Health and Fitness Blog Category – 2019 Nominees

Barbara Jacoby – USFounder: letlifehappen.com  Nwokolo Collins  – NigeriaFounder: youmustgethealthy.com Prity Zaman – BangladeshFounder: healthsnbeauty.com      Kathleen Navarro – Philippines  Founder: thesassydentist.com       FunFitnessFamily -ColumbiaFounder: funfitnessfamily.com Amy – USFounder: girlsjustwanttobefit.com Steve Kamb – USFounders: nerdfitness.com Sarah Dussault – USFounders: sarahfit.com  Gina – USFounder: jetsetandforget.com Noelle Hotaling  – US Founder: ohhappyhotalings.com Muneeza Ahmed – USFounder: muneezaahmed.com Lucy Wyndham – ColumbiaFounder: lwrfitness.com Andra Picincu – […]

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Best Education Blog Category – 2019 Nominees

Iram Raza – IndiaFounder: theinfopedia.com  Paul Stevens-Fulbrook  – UKFounder: teacherofsci.com Linda Kardamis – USFounder: teach4theheart.com The teacher and the admin – USFounder: theteacherandtheadmin.com Amy K. Mascott  – USFounder: teachmama.com Angela Watson – USFounder: thecornerstoneforteachers.com Aimee – USFounders: primarily-speaking.com Cat – USFounders: amummycancreate.com  Angie – USFounder: reallifeathome.com Angela Choate  – US Founder: educationcoffeebreak.com Carol Miller – USFounder: themiddleschoolcounselor.com Katie  – USFounder: simplycreativeteaching.com Bright Classroom Ideas – USFounder brightclassroomideas.com […]

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Best Lifestyle Blog Category – 2019 Nominees

Dalene Ekirapa – KenyaFounder: daleneekirapa.com  Cindy Moore – USFounder: cindygoesbeyond.com Tara Teng – CanadaFounder: tarateng.com Jennifer Hinkle – USFounder: jennsfashion.com  Georgie L. Cooke – AustraliaFounder: hey.georgie.nu Pilar Noriega – MexicoFounders: thelifestylehunter.com Hailey Almsted – USFounders: haileyalmsted.com Radhika Prasad – CanadaFounders: fireandabeer.com  Hanli Bubu – MalaysiaFounder: hanlibubu.com Jo and Leisa – UK Founder: joleisa.com Kim Thomas – USFounder: susiepeas.com Dipika Singh  – IndiaFounder: gleefulblogger.com Ashley – […]

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Best Parenting Blog Category– 2019 Nominees

Elizabeth hurt – USFounder: momalwaysknows.com cendu Param – CanadaFounder: cenduparam.com Amanda Preston – US Founder: mylovelycrazylife.com Christine Keys – US Founder: christinekeys.net Carly – US Founder: amodernmomblog.com Ross Hunt – UK Founder: isablog.co.uk Frances Vidakovic – UsFounder: inspiringlifedreams.com Heather and Lisa – USFounder: madeinapinch.com Debbie – HawaiiFounder: 9onadime.com Morgan – USFounder: morganmanagesmommyhood.com Jeff – USFounder: gainandgrowth.com Home of Harveys – USFounder: homeoftheharveys.com Vetta –  USFounder: mamavfiveplusme.com Ashley –  USFounder: spitupandsitups.com Caitlin –  USFounder: realmomrecs.com […]

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