What is Infinity Blog Awards?

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As defined in the dictionary, a blogger is a person who regularly writes material for a blog. Pretty boring/dull, mundane definition, right? Well, being a blogger is definitely not boring and goes beyond simply just writing. As a blogger, your content has the power to inspire, ignite, and motivate others to start their own blog, […]

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Best Relationship Blog Category – 2019 Nominees

Shantalie and Magdalena- South AfricaFounder: rinsebeforeuse.com Jennifer Dagi – NigeriaFounder: momentswithjenny.com David Small – USFounder: relationshiptips4u.com Grapevine Gossip – USFounder: thegrapevinegossip.com The Ugly Fact – USFounder: theuglyfact.com Natalie Lue – UkFounder: baggagereclaim.co.uk Marqus and Kayla – USFounder: thestutsons.com The Dessert Site – USFounder: thedessertsite.com                    Rachel – USFounder: doctorforlove.com               […]

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Best Real Estate Blog Category – 2019 Nominees

Michelle – USFounder: recessionproofrealtor.com Sweet 650 Homes – CanadaFounder:​ sweet650homes.com Climb Labs – USFounder: climblabs.com                  The Cameron Team- USFounder: thecameronteam.net                    Realest Blog – USFounder: realestblog.com Jim Duncan – USFounder: realcentralva.com Chad Carson – USFounders: coachcarson.com House Logic – USFounders: houselogic.com  Mansion Global – USFounder: mansionglobal.com […]

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